Baby is born! Now what?


You did it! You prepared your body, your mind, your family, your home and YOU DID IT! Baby is here!

Now what?

How do you take care of baby’s umbilical cord? How do you sit comfortably when your perineum (the nether regions) is on fire? Or your cesarean incision needs some TLC?

If you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to keep up with the latest research on things like immunizations, circumcision, and healthy sleep cycles all while trying to heal yourself, you are not alone. With 3.93 births in the United States last year, you can bet that many of those new parents felt some pretty intense feelings.

That’s where we come in. At Doulas of Los Angeles, we have teams of educated, experienced, professional doulas who are ready to make you their top priority at a moment’s notice. Whether it’s a question about why we don’t need to swab baby’s umbilical cord with alcohol anymore, or if you’re looking for some one-on-one nurturing in the comfort of your own home, we are here to serve-

Because we believe that every person is a person of value, every person has a story and deserves to be heard, and that families are worth of nurturing. Let us nurture you while you nurture your new arrival!