Grumpy & Pat


What are your names?

Fount (Grumpy) and Patsy Sorenson.

Why do they call you Grumpy?

I guess ’cause I’m always happy, even when things are bad I still smile.

When were you married?

(Grumpy) We were married on June 20th, 1953. We lived for a short time in a duplex, while our house was being finished. Then we moved here, to this house. We put $1,000 down and our payments were $78 a month. That was a lot of money to us. After bills and food, we had enough money for a 6 pack of Pepsi and we got to go for a ride in the car on Sunday.

When was your first baby born?

(Pat) Well, I had the children from my first marriage (Jack, Jody & Rick), but our first baby together was born on Sept 6, 1954, Rhonda Sue. She was born in Long Beach. Then on Sept 3 1958 Kelli Renea was born, also in Long Beach. She was our 5th and last.

In 1960 I had uterine cancer. Dr Housek wanted me in the hospital three days from the time we received the results. I couldn’t do that because I had to make arrangements for all five kids, so the Dr. gave me one week. In that week I about lost my mind with worry. Because it was caught int he early stages everything went well. I had a hysterectomy. I have never had any problems from it since.

About this time Rhonda had to have surgeries on her kidneys. She had four of them (surgeries) at Bay Harbor Hospital and the last long at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles. She was so shy and quiet. She could handle the pain, but she couldn’t handle being away from us. She couldn’t understand why she had to be in the hospital. She wouldn’t say a word to anyone in the hospital. She would only talk when we were there.

They’ve grown and had families of their own now.