Thanksgiving Traditions (with FREE printable games)


What traditions are important to you? As you deliberately plan experiences with your family, you strengthen family unity.

Every Thanksgiving I remember the house smelling of roast turkey and baking bread while my mom flew around the house getting the last few details ready, and dad finished the last of the outside work. In addition to our regular chores, my little sister and I had to hurry to finish the special chores that were reserved for only once or twice a year, like polishing the silver and setting out the antique china.

We always had Grandma’s green jello salad, and I still can’t figure out what went into that recipe. There was music playing, and bustling activity, a roaring fire in the fireplace, and occasionally a few snowflakes drifting down from that unpredictable prairie sky. Thanksgiving holds magical memories for me, and like many parents, I want to give my children that same magic.

The traditions are what make it magical!

So what traditions will you continue with your family? What new traditions will you start? What will you do to help your family bond this Thanksgiving? Here at Doulas of Los Angeles, we think families deserve lots of support as they create patterns of strength and unity, so we have a few ideas that will hopefully spark your imagination for some fun this Thursday.

  1. A SCAVENGER HUNT: Keep the kids occupied while the turkey cooks and enjoy the time together with a scavenger hunt printable here.
  2. GO FISH: Call everyone to the table with some munchies and a deck of cards for this oldie-but-goodie.
  3. THANKSGIVING BINGO: Gather everyone around the table and while you munch on the leftover stuffing, see if you can get three in a row! It’s short, we know the Tryptophan is kicking in and everyone is getting sleepy.
  4. A DOMINOES TOURNAMENT: Whether you’re playing a game of Chicken Foot, Mexican Train, or Round the Clock, Dominoes tournaments are timeless. And in our house, they get a little heated.

What will make this Thanksgiving a magical time for your family?

As you talk about the traditions of your childhood, and carry them on exactly as your parents did or adapt them to work for your family, we are confident that you will grow closer together. We wish you the very best as you create lasting traditions that unify and strengthen your family.

With lots of love, from our family to yours!