12 Days of Classic Christmas Movies (with FREE Printable Activity)

wishing you a merry

When a family is looking to hire a doula in Los Angeles, they may expect help with forming a birth or postpartum plan, support for their wishes, answers to their questions and non-judgmental acceptance of the family’s priorities.

At Doulas of Los Angeles, we believe that you deserve all that, and more! Our mission is to provide the best of today’s information and support with yesterday’s attention to detail. That means that we are here to help you build strong bonds in many ways, especially during this season of the year.

We know that studies such as this one reported in the Wall Street Journal show that family quality time is vital to good outcomes for children.

And this article from the Child Development Institute suggests that one way to bond with your children is to cook together, or watch a show or movie and talk with your child about the themes and their feelings.

So to make your holidays a little easier and help facilitate that bonding time, Doulas of Los Angeles has created a Christmas Countdown of movies and simple activities with treats. Let it spark some ideas for your own traditions! So gather your loved ones, print the 12 Days of Classic Christmas Movies and get ready to make some memories!