Change of Ownership | Doulas of Los Angeles

doulas of los angeles ownership

We’ve come a long way, baby! And we’re about go even further.

Doulas of Los Angeles is honored to announce a huge transition that has just transpired. Ownership of this prestigious company has officially transferred to Lacey Bauer and Kathleen Rucka, both certified birth & postpartum doulas. Bauer and Rucka have extensive knowledge and experience in owning and operating doula agencies around the country. Their years of experience in the doula industry shows their passion and desire to offer the most reliable, professional, and compassionate support to families.

A Letter from the Owners

The journey to parenthood has looked different across the decades but we believe one thing should always stay the same: exceptional support. While the names of the owners may change, the mission and vision of Doulas of Los Angeles holds true:

Today’s support with yesterday’s attention to details and service.

Making this transition hasn’t been a simple task. Over the last few months, Doulas of Los Angeles was in a transitional period prior to ownership being transferred. We have our focus on one priority at this time: We are committed to reaching out to each and every one of you who looked to Doulas of Los Angeles for support. We want to take the time to hear your story, listen to your desires, and see how we can best serve you. So, if you’ve reached out to Doulas of Los Angeles in the last couple months, you can anticipate a personal call from us early next week. We’ll also begin accepting calls beginning Monday, July 11. Add us to your contacts list! 310-970-4228

You can expect to see some incredible additions to our team as well as new services that have never been provided before.

Placenta Encapsulation and Childbirth Education

We know how much these 2 services have been requested and so we are taking the time to implement them with an attention to detail like none other. You’ll see special announcements when each of these is officially being offered.

Thank you!

Thank you for your patience during this transition. We promise to provide you with the quality service and experience you’d expect. We are looking forward to speaking with those of you who are interested in joining the Doulas of Los Angeles family and are proud to continue the tradition of service, support, and dedication that you and your family deserve. We have an amazing journey ahead and hope you’ll join us!


Lacey Bauer & Kathleen Rucka
Co-Owners, Doulas of Los Angeles