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Doulas of Los Angeles Labor and Postpartum Doulas

The Greek word Doula or “A WOMAN WHO SERVES” has been translated to represent a person who provides physical, educational and emotional support to women and their partners before, during and after pregnancy.

At Doulas of Los Angeles, we take it one step further.

It is our desire that you feel completely catered to as you transition into motherhood. We have crossed every “T” and dotted every “I” in order to provide you with the premium service that you are entitled to.

Lacey Bauer and Kathleen Rucka, the owners of this prestigious agency, care about people and their life experiences.

They believe birth leaves an imprint on the lives of all who experience it and their agency of seasoned, experienced, compassionate doulas are an extension of their wisdom and commitment to excellence.

The women who have paved the way for us in birth have done so over the years without the knowledge, support and resources that modern women now have. Many of their stories and experiences have impacted our birth culture in a way that has instilled fear and anxiety in soon to be birthing women.

At Doulas of Los Angeles we pay homage to those women who have birthed before us by helping to create positive birth energy around our clients. By establishing relationships with our clients where dialogue organically develops and fears, hopes and wishes about birth emerge, we are improving birth in our culture.

Doulas of Los Angeles is an on call premium service for expectant families. Nothing takes priority over our client's needs.

When considering Doulas of Los Angeles, your expectations should include exceptional service, absolute professionalism and a sterling standard of discretion.

We invite you and your family to allow us the privilege of accompanying you on your path to parenting.