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Mary Anne Jenson

When were you born? I was born April 17, 1950. How many children do you have? 4. When was the first born? Jan 24, 1974.

Donna Patterson

What is your full name? Donna Lynn Patterson When were you born? December 30, a long time ago. How many children do you have? I have 3, I wanted 4.

Grumpy & Pat

What are your names? Fount (Grumpy) and Patsy Sorenson. Why do they call you Grumpy? I guess ’cause I’m always happy, even when things are bad I still smile. When were you married? (Grumpy) We
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Shirley Anderson

This interview with Shirley Anderson was conducted over the telephone. Shirley had called me to cancel our interview because she felt that she didn’t have anything interesting to say. An hour later, after sharing numerous
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