Doulas of Los Angeles | Labor Doulas of Los Angeles

With Doulas of Los Angeles Labor Support, you can expect:

24 hour on call care from the moment you engage our services.

Benefit from in home support prior to going to the hospital.

Imagine how confident you and your partner will feel when labor begins and you have your doula’s support to rely on. YOU will have no unanswered questions. Benefit from her knowledge and stay relaxed knowing that her comfort, information, perspective and encouragement is around each corner you turn.

Your doula will use her expertise and experience to help you know when it is time to go to the hospital and will help facilitate a smooth transition from home to hospital. The relief that comes with knowing that your doula is with you every step of the way is immeasurable.

Benefit from asking your doula questions like the following.  Answers are just a phone call or text message away:
  • How do I know if I’m having contractions?
  • What will it feel like when my water breaks?
  • What do contractions feel like?
  • Do I go right to the hospital when my water breaks?

Once with you, your Labor Doula will provide support that is tailored to you, your family, your priorities and your desires. She will help you settle into your labor room and will continue her support for you and your partner throughout your labor and birth. She will provide continuous care and be a source of information and comfort until you meet your baby.

Once your baby arrives, your doula will spend time supporting early breastfeeding and helping you freshen up and settle in.

Our support doesn’t end when you are snuggling your baby!

Continuity of support is absolutely essential for your postpartum recovery, so Doulas of Los Angeles includes a postpartum visit in every Labor Doula contract.

The postpartum visit lasts about an hour and occurs within the first week of your birth. During this postpartum visit, expect:
  • Breastfeeding support and affirmation
  • Newborn care discussion
  • A postpartum emotional check in
  • The opportunity to process the intensity of the birth experience together
  • And so much more…