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With Doulas of Los Angeles Postpartum Support, you can expect:

Daytime hours, Night-time hours and short term live-in care.

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At Doulas of Los Angeles, we understand the many stresses that mothers feel when coming home with a newborn. It is a vulnerable time, and a time when the excited support of many friends and family members may not be as helpful as they, or you, might wish.

Imagine, if you will . . .

Your muscles are sore and shaky, you’re tired, hungry and overwhelmed, riding home in the back seat of the car with your 2 day old baby (or babies).

On top of all the other concerns you have, you are worried about breastfeeding without the support of the hospital lactation consultant; you’re concerned about soothing your baby without the nurses to help with swaddling; you’re not sure how to handle sleep for you or baby, and you’re just not sure how to adjust to this new life.

Then you remember that your Postpartum Doula is meeting you at home. You arrive and she warmly welcomes you, helps you into your home, gets you a cup of tea, just the way you like it, and listens as you share your experience.

She helps you through a breastfeeding session with lots of encouragement and some suggestions for making it easier. She helps you make out a shopping list of items she’ll pick up the next time she comes over, and helps you work out a recovery plan that is sustainable.

She helps you recognize the baby’s sleep signals, feeding cues and teaches you to comfort your baby. When your baby is snuggled in and comfortable, and both you and your partner have had a home cooked meal, you are ready for a rejuvenating nap. While you are resting, your Postpartum Doula does a sink full of dishes and folds a load of laundry. You know you are not alone and a peaceful feeling comes over you that tells you that everything is going to be just fine.

At Doulas of Los Angeles, we believe that Postpartum support is absolutely essential to building a sustainable routine that will speed and deepen your recovery. Our Postpartum Doulas are trained to recognize the “normal” signs of recovery and can help you understand how to successfully navigate the physical, emotional, mental and practical changes that are sure to occur.

Your Los Angeles doula serves as the frontline defense against Postpartum Depression and is focused on helping you establish patterns of parenting that are sustainable for your family. 

What does a postpartum doula do?

  • Focuses on your recovery from birthing your baby
  • Focuses on your baby’s adjustment to living outside of your body
  • Supports you while teaching you to care for your baby; bathing, shampooing, feeding, diapering (disposable and cloth), sleeping, baby wearing, nail trimming, nursery organizing, etc
  • Trouble shoots breastfeeding issues while supporting and affirming all of your feeding choices
  • Recognizes the early signs and symptoms of postpartum mood disorders and postpartum depression
  • Light housekeeping; dishes, laundry, day to day maintenance
  • Meal and snack preparation
  • Escort you on outings with your newborn
  • Run important errands
  • So much more